Common name:
CA index name:
Uridine, 5,6-dihydro-
CA registry numbers:
ribonucleoside 5627-05-4
base 34283-02-8
elemental composition:
nucleoside mass:
Source type phylogenetic source
archaea bacteria eukarya
tRNA + + +
rRNA 16S [8]23S [1,2]
snRNA [3]
Comment: Dihydrouridine is reported in a total enzymatic digest of nuclear 5S RNA from rat [3].
However, this sole report of D in snRNA was not verified by sequencing of the RNA because pD could not be distinguished from pU [3].

chromosomal RNA [4]
Comment: This RNA is reported as a chromatin-associated 3.2-3.8S species,
with an unusual concentration of dihydropyrimidine nucleosides, but its occurrence as a separate class of RNA remains controversial. For review, see [5].

Structure: [6]

Synthesis: [7]



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