2'-O-ribosyladenosine (phosphate)

Common name:
2'-O-ribosyladenosine (phosphate)
CA index name:
Adenosine, 2'-O-(5-O-phosphono-b-D-ribofuranosyl)-
CA registry numbers:
ribonucleoside 28050-13-7
base 73-24-5
elemental composition:
nucleoside mass:
Source type phylogenetic source
archaea bacteria eukarya
tRNA +

Structure: [1], [2]

Synthesis: [3], [4]

Comment: A nucleoside component of yeast tRNA was isolated and tentatively characterized as 2'(3')-O-ribosyladenosine by Hall [5], but whether the source material was tRNA was later concluded to be uncertain [6]. Substitution at O-2' vs. O-3' was not established in an early reported synthesis [3]. A recent and more detailed synthesis is given in [4]. Ar registry number: 28269-89-8, Chemical Abstracts Index Name: Adenosine, 2'-O-b-D-ribofuranosyl-.


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