Masspec Toolbox

The Toolbox contains a set of mass spectrometry-related utility programs which provide for calculation of oligonucleotide mass values for RNA and DNA and enzymatic cleavage fragments, and of sequence ions from collision-induced dissociation, all with provision for use of modified residues. (Code created by Jef Rozenski)

on-line calculators
The following utilities are written in JavaScript and should run on any browser having the JavaScript option enabled.
  • Mongo Oligo Mass Calculator
    The ultimate oligonucleotide mass calculator, calculates also electrospray series, CID fragments, endo- and exonuclease fragments. Includes the possibility for calculating modified residues.
  • Oligo II
    Oligonucleotide mass calculator, uses compositions as input.
  • Oligo Composition Calculator
    Finds nucleotide compositions from a given mass. User defined residues can be included.
  • MolE
    Calculates molecular masses and isotope ratios from elemental compositions.
  • ElComp
    Calculates elemental compositions from a given molecular mass.
  • SOS 1.0

    SOS (Simple Oligonucleotide Sequencer) is an interactive tool for manual sequencing of oligonucleotides. It has a graphical interface and allows to determine oligonucleotide sequences from CID MS/MS data. It uses mass/intensity lists as input. Allows to check for the presence of modified residues. Runs on Windows 3.xx, WIN95/98 and WINNT computers. Is available now!
    See: JASMS 2002, 13, 200-203.

    If you are interested in the program, please contact Jef Rozenski.