Original Database (1994-2009)

  • To Jef Rozenski for revision of the database website in 1998, prior to becoming a curator of the database.
  • To Phil Durant for the 3D yeast tRNAPhe graphic on the home page.
  • To Patrick Limbach, who coauthored the initial published compilation, and played a major role in its assembly.
  • To the following individuals who assisted with the original compilation: Richard Walker (University of Birmingham; deceased), Steven Pomerantz (University of Utah), Byron Bossenbroek (Chemical Abstracts Service).
  • To those who assisted with this electronic version of the database: Di HeSteven PomerantzJoe ZhangNancy Lombardo and the Eccles Health Sciences Library at the University of Utah.
  • To the National Institute of General Medical Sciences for support of database maintenance through grant GM29812.

New Database (2009-Present)

  • To Xiaonong Zhang and Jen Montimurro for initial layout makeover and transfer of the database to The RNA Institute in 2010.
  • To Andrew Wright for conversion to a MySql/PHP based database to create expanded capabilities in 2011.
  • To the Research IT Department at the University at Albany for IT support.
  • To William Cantara and Leslie Zuker for the tRNAPhe graphic on the home page from PDB entry 3L0U.
  • To William Cantara for editing of introductory and database content.
  • To Leslie Zuker for website design and introduction of the content management system.
  • To Dan Fabris for ongoing supervision and curation of the database.